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Again, I have sucked at updating. So much has been going on, training Clive, getting excited about moving to Brighton, and seeing good friends… n’stuff!I cant wait to live in Brighton, and be able to walk into town or potter around to some friends house without having to deal with the dreaded train journey.


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Me and Elena spent the weekend in Margate, we went to see our good friends and their little bundle of amazingness!! Little Corbin is so good. We had such a lovely time, big catch ups, lots of eating, lots of tea (maybe too much!?), lots of shopping, and lots of good people. We are desperate to go back as soon as possible! Thank you for having us.

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The past few weeks have consisted of the normal; seeing friends, eating food and University! I’m still on a cooking roll, and still somehow getting my work done for university without sacrificing my social life. Not too shabby! I am also enjoying dressing up like food, In the above photo you may see my attempt at dressing like ice cream/cake icing.


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This Week…

This week has been a busy one, hence not many to photos to share. Obviously it was Valentines day, me and Ben had a lovely evening- Steak+Brownie+Rambo= Content. I got my new flat-forms in the post, they are nice but need too be worn in a bit. I didn’t do nearly enough uni work this week, next week will be dedicated to Uni, I’m determined to at least get my first presentation partly done – going through 1920s Vogue isn’t so bad, and looking at the Paris couture consumers in the 1920s is so interesting, some of the women were amazing! but finding out about these women, and only using credible sources is slightly harder than I first thought.

This weekend we are having Lizzie dog for a sleep-over, very exciting!

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  • Paris is booked, I will be there during my birthday with my lovely,
  • I’m going to get tattooed by my lovely friend Ej – (http://wolfloveisreallove.tumblr.com/)
  • In just over 4 weeks I get Ben back for the summer!
  • And In October I start my Degree on History of Fashion & Dress..

I am very excited about everything at the moment!!

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Hello! This is something i wore last week, comfy & practical is my middle name at the moment. I cant wait for summer & my collection of summer dresses- The dresses that just don’t look ok with tights and winter layers- i have missed you! Today i will be doing housework, watching films, walking lizzie & cooking dinner, very productive!

 Ben has sent the 1st package of surprises from australia, i’m so excited! Hurry up Mr Postman!!! I have no idea what could be in it, it’s like christmas. I really hope he stole a duck billed platypus for me, that would be the best…. even if they are Venomous.

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So this is what I do most mornings- Tea & Toast, watching lizzie sleep bark & run, The Silver Fox on T.V, Genrally being lazy  untill it’s time to get up and start the day. I love this time in the morning, i think it keeps me sane. The seagulls have moved onto my roof, i hate them. Worst Neighbours EVER.

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