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Recently I have noticed a rising amount of people taking ‘fashion’ too seriously, ‘you can’t wear that’, ‘you can wear this’, ‘Oh god, you’re not going to wear that are you!?’ etc. How boring!? I for one, thrive on seeing people enjoy what their wearing and not taking it seriously. Working in a Vintage shop in Brighton means I get to see wonderfully different people step through the door, and you can tell the people who are happy and comfortable in what they are fashioning. Japanese girls have always been a big influence on how I dress, wearing what makes you happy and having fun with it! I think people are forgetting to do this, and by not doing this, have ended up all looking the same. I don’t judge anyone on what they’re wearing, but it is slightly disheartening to see a wave of exactly the same ‘looks’, when it could be a crowd of happy looking people having fun and not taking everything so seriously!

This is a completely Inane post, I mainly just wanted to post some pictures of amazing looking, fashionable, fun, Japanese girls!


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