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We are Moving!

Me, Ben and Clive will be packing up and moving to Brighton in the not to distant future!! I’m SOSOSOSOSo happy, and excited. We are going to look at a place on Saturday and hopefully a few more in the coming weeks. I can’t wait to be back in Brighton, I can show Clive around and decorate a new place! MEEEP.


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The Flat..

Just a few recent photos of the flat, I am so in love with it here! I love having people over and cooking meals every night, it’s really starting to feel like home.


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The flat is coming along nicely! So much more still to do, but so far i’m really happy with it. Still have to move over all of my clothes and a few more heavy pieces of furniture,but then we are done. I can’t wait to decorate and sort out the bedroom and office and settle in.

I have been super busy recently with moving and getting ready for uni, it’s all so exciting! I have also de-activated my facebook and deleted my Twitter, and Tumblr.. It feels excellent! cutting myself off from a lot of chinese whispers and drama, focussing on what matters and exciting positive stuff.

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Moving House..

The past few weeks i’ve been moving my stuff over to Ben’s flat, or… our new home! We have been painting rooms and this weekend me and my dad are going to be doing some wallpapering. I still have so much of my stuff to move over, including my clothes…. it could take a while! I’ll be posting more photos as we finish off rooms, this is all so exciting!!!

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My Heart belongs to Lewes..

Me and Ben went for a day trip to lewes on sunday, Ohhh I love it there so much. Antique shops and flea markets a plenty and really lovely cafe’s and restaurants. It’s a 10 minuet drive from Brighton but has a completely different feel to it- a lot slower and relaxed, it’s my mission to live there when I’m older.

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Last week Me and Ben went to see my little sisters college art exhibition, i’m so proud of her, art/photography has always been her passion and she will be attending LCF in september to study fashion photography! ( 1st Photo is her work)

Today I had a lovely day with my BFFZZZZ Edwardo, he was very good and helped me in the carnage that was Habitat ( the 3rd photo down is my haul- wallpaper, shower curtain, shower shelf, cooking mitten etc etc). I also picked up my new glasses!!! I’m so happy with them.  Back to work tomorrow.. and then the whole weekend off!

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