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We are Moving!

Me, Ben and Clive will be packing up and moving to Brighton in the not to distant future!! I’m SOSOSOSOSo happy, and excited. We are going to look at a place on Saturday and hopefully a few more in the coming weeks. I can’t wait to be back in Brighton, I can show Clive around and decorate a new place! MEEEP.


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This Week..

This week it was back to uni and normal life, except I have felt like a mucus filled shell of myself for the past two weeks. Excellent. I’m feeling much better now though, and I think just getting on with it helped. The above pictures are just a few from Instagram from this week, Ben had to go to a wedding last Saturday.. he looks so Dapper in his suit and Redwings. The last photo is very important, the best Burrito I’ve experienced…. delivered to my work, and only £3! I inhaled it. it’s from a new place that has opened in Brighton, near the Old steine- http://www.carlito-burrito.co.uk/

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Monki World

on Monki.



Wolf and Gypsy Vintage are featured in the latest Monki World video, thanks to Eleanor Hardwick. She also took these amazing photos using the fantastic handmade Mexican dress she bought. Me and my Christmas jumper have a leading roll in wrapping the dress…Follow the ‘on Monki Link’ to watch the video!! you can also find the rest of the photo set on rookiemag.com


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This Weekend

I have just had the best weekend, It consisted of really not doing much. Saturday – Christmas shopping Done! Getting our first joint Christmas tree, decorating said Christmas tree and front room – So happy with it! Wrapping presents and getting take away pizza, Perfect Saturday in my opinion. Sunday was even Lazier, watching around 6 films, hardly moving from the sofa, apart from getting snacks and cooking breakfast, wrapping more presents, eating the cheese board, comfys and fire on. In my opinion that is what a good weekend is, Being Lazy and Christmasy with my Favourite.


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This week..

This week has been super busy, I’ve been running around all the galleries I can- The V&A, Worthing Museum and Brighton Museum all of them have amazing costume departments, I also got to visit my Funbelina at the same time and eat my way through The Diner.  Fitting in work between crazy moments of getting ready for uni (I got the most beautiful komono/jacket) and had a lovely work night out at the amazing Bom-Banes (http://www.bom-banes.co.uk/index.html), they have the best film night’s in Brighton. And on saturday I got breakfast in bed and got to see Lizlu, a very good week all in all!…phew!!

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Day out in Brighton..

My utterly beautiful and wonderful best friend is moving to london tomorrow for University, so we had- ‘The ultimate Brighton day’! Of course a day with such a name includes a trip to the pier, and we headed straight to the 2p machines… and killed them! I won some prize tickets and lots more 2p’s back. Then we carried on to the- DOLPHIN DERBY. The BEST game on the pier. We both won a turtle (we have named them Brighton & Hove) and I got one of the Belgian waffles, with choclate and coconut…ooo baby. After all the excitement of winning turtles and eating yummy things we went to our favourite cream tea shop and sorted out our museum day next week! I love my Funbelina very much and always enjoy our little days out.

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