awkward. elvis obsessive. BRIGHTON. dresses. bed. films. boyfriend. friends. 30s.40s.50s.80s.


6 responses to “About

  1. Hello from the other side of the pond!

    This is a bit random since I have never commented on someones blog, or rather really looked at blogs before this, but I happened upon yours whilst looking up pictures of Edith Piaf.
    I just wanted to send you a little note…..I was shocked when I saw your pictures/entries because I have never known anyone else to have the same interests as me, (foreign&old films, 1940’s&50’s, etc.) especially someone around my own age. It was definitely refreshing to say the least!
    Anyway, I already feel sketchy commenting but I just wanted to let you know I enjoy your blog very much, I’m so happy I came across it.

    Best xoxo

  2. i agree with lizzie below! i happened upon you blog while looking uo william eggleston. i was both suprised and delighted by everything else i found here. i like you! keep being awesome!


  3. same…i stumbled upon your blog through an amazing jump blues photo. you’re amazing, keep it up.

  4. Holly

    Same here! Also stumbled upon this blog through that wonderful picture of Edith Piaf at the piano. I love these amazing pictures all over your blogs, wonderful stuff in here! Ran through all your entries late last night and I now wished there was more.
    Greetings from Amsterdam

  5. Jenna

    Found your blog through some kaseman photos. I have to agree with the past entries, it is refreshing!

  6. Looking for Steel Magnolias stills and fell into the fantasticness that is your blog! Any page that sports the Fresh Prince AND Judy Garland has got my vote… keep up the good work, girl.

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