R.I.P Lizlu

Yesterday Lizzie dog was put to sleep. She was a very old lady and had started falling to bits, she was unwell and wasn’t the same lizzie she was before. To say I’m upset is a bit of an understatement. Me and my family brought lizzie up from a tiny puppy, she was mental, and still was, until recently….. we got asked to leave a puppy training class because she was causing the puppies to revolt, just an example of what kind of dog she was!Β  Anyone who has owned a dog knows how much they mean to them, and Lizzie was like a best friend, when I was going through quite a bit and didn’t leave the house much she would sit and keep me company through out the day. At the moment I just can’t comprehend that she isn’t pottering around my mums house, having naps and checking if there is anything great left in the bins. So from my dad picking the puppy in the corner trying to bury its way out of the room, to the old lady dog that enjoyed napping and being carried around, I’m going to miss her so much. The era of Lizzie/Lizlu/lizziedog/PigDog/Liz/Littlelady is over.



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2 responses to “R.I.P Lizlu

  1. Beth

    I dont know you at all but i know how much it sucks to loose a good friend. I came across this song from Gotye about his family pet Bronte and its a beautiful song, thought you might like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=le34ygtODfI

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