This Week..

This week I was back to uni and the tonne of work that is set for next month…eek. I think I had a mini heart attack when they were setting the 45min seminar presentations as well as the essays, extended essays and various other presentations, I’m staying positive though…. I can do it. Yesterday I had a lovely Saturday, me and my mother went to my grans for the day, we went for a lovely pub lunch, did some of her shopping in M&S and then she went through her 3 wardrobes and gave me some of her older clothes! she really gave me some lovely pieces, some are more sentimental than practical, like the long evening dress that she wore to a fancy night out with my Grandad, as well as dresses that I cant wait to wear in the summer. I’ll put some pictures up later today. I also had a massive sort out of my wardrobes and draws, and found a load of lovely dresses, that either don’t fit me or I just don’t wear anymore! I will be putting them up on Ebay later, so keep you eyes peeled for a link.



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