Some of my Current Reading List..


The above books are just few books that I have read/reading for my university course, the course is so varied. Next week we have a lecture on class, hence the Owen Jones book (It’s really enlightening so far, but I’m also finding it slightly Biased? not all the Working Classes are ‘Chavs’?). The John Styles book has been one of the most interesting reads, for me, so far throughout the course, his research into fashions of the middling classes in the 18th century is revolutionary, and before his research using probate inventories a lot of writings by previous historians into the middle classes involvement in the consumer revolution had been misinformed and not based on primary sources. I only picked up the ‘Japan Fashion Now’ the other day so haven’t really got stuck into it yet, one of the essays I’ll be writing is on Subcultures and Subverting the meaning of Objects, So I thought I’d focus on Japanese Subcultures, I’ve also found some Articles on ‘Lolitas’ and consumption which I’m excited about.

I’m loving my course so far.


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