This Week..

This week was Reading week, So.. it consisted of mainly trying to get most of my work out of the way.Power point is not my friend. In between the uni work I did get to leave the house at some points, Ben took me for an amazing Steak dinner, We met 2 good friends for a lovely meal, I picked up some Gucci pumps from work (above photo). I also attended a trip to the rare book section of the Brighton Library this was a highlight of the week, it was amazing, getting to handle books from the early 17th century etc, one of the most amazing books they had out was a book created by a member of captain cooks voyage, this person collected different fabrics from all the islands they visited Including fabrics used for the clothes of human sacrifice! So so amazing that this fabric has lasted hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years and gives us a glimpse into the lives of people from that time. My mind was blown.


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