Frock Me!

Today was the first time I have been to Brighton Frock Me in over a year, oh it’s so dangerous. I picked up some lovely things to sort out my autumn/winter wardrobe and, I think, controlled myself very well…Considering what was there.

  • The First photo is of a really lovely Coat/Dress, it was only £5.00 but the back detail is so lovely and fabric is 100% silk. I think I will be layering it up under coats and with big knitted scarfs etc.
  • The second photo is a really lovely wool and alpaca wool chunky cardi, you can never have enough cardigans.
  • I have seen a few of these prayer scarves around and they are so lovely, the colours are amazing.
  • And last but not least I picked up this 1950s swing coat, the colour is amazing and just what I was looking for- No more dark greens and black winter coats for me!

Sorry about the crap photos, I really need to sort out a camera.


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Filed under Antiques, fashion, love, Vintage, Wardrobe

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