Some Recent Purchases..

Now I have to take into account food and rent over clothes I have to become creative and sparing with the way I spend my money. So.. Charity shops it is, luckily I have a decent little row of shops that are a treasure chest just waiting to be opened! The above photos are some of my recent finds (apart from the coat I got from Wolf and Gypsy- Re-worked Vintage Millitary jacket!) :

  • Chinese jacket- We have some of these for sale in W&G and they had never really come to my attention before, but they look so nice on with a pair of jeans and simple t-shirt. I found this one in oxfam and it’s reversible, the colours on both sides are so vivid, I will also use it to layer up in winter.
  • Cardigan- It speaks for itself really, a nice comfy granny cardi. The little pattern along the hems are really sweet and it will go with anything! I found this in help the aged for £1.99 and i’m fairly sure I won’t be taking it off.
  • Horse Belt- How good is this belt!? I found it in help the aged ( has to be my favourite of the local charity shops!) and snapped it up straight away, I have to put some more holes in it as it’s rather large, but it’s a great find.
  • Blue Bakelite Bangle- Yes that is right.. BAKELITE, I found this in (yet again) Help the aged and didn’t let it out of my grasp untill I got to the till! It’s really beautifully carved and the colour is just perfect. for 50p it has to be favourite recent find.
  • The Records- ‘The Boswell Sisters’ & ‘Dolly Parton- Jolene’ two amazing records that I haven’t stopped playing since I got them!

All of this I have bought for under £10 from charity shops and I think that’s my shopping craving out of the way! so now I will get back to weekly shopping and saving for the shelves we need for the flat.


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