Four Rooms

 Did anyone see ‘Four Rooms’ the other night?…..It is now my favourite programme ever. The idea is based on reinventing the classic antique show, so the mix up sticks to the same basis as the original but throws in a bit of Dragons Den. Of course allot of people wouldn’t care about such a programme, but I am so excited about it, This is the world I want to get into- albeit more on the Fashion History side of things. But One dealer stuck out for me- Emma Hawkins, The Antique dealer that specialises in Taxidermy and Curiosities ( you might have seen some of the taxidermy in Dover Street Market supplied by her), She is the youngest member of the BADA ( British Antique Dealers’ Association.) For a women to excel in a mainly mans game and establish yourself  as quickly as she has is wonderful, and I only hope I will do as well as her.

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