Enid Collins Of Texas

Enid Collins was a Handbag Designer in the late 1950s-1960s, the designs are classic of the time. Collins of Texas opened the doors in 1959, Enid Ran the company and designed the Handbags untill 1970 when the company was bought by the Tandy Leather Corporation, Collins of Texas was famous for the wooden box handbags adorned with sequins and jewels and the more practical canvas bags. I love these handbags, in good condition they are a collectors dream and can reach £50 up to £200 on ebay. I have 3 Enid handbags and I love them so much, I only use one of them though- the least collectable one…. haha. This Little bit of information isn’t that intresting really, but i’m trying to jog my brain into remembering facts and dates about designers before I start Uni!


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