I have recently got into a routine of doing nothing on Tuesdays, well, not nothing. I do nothing untill the afternoon, then I will potter down to my local bank to put money into my savings, after i will go around all of my local charity shops & pop into Boots ( i have been spending quite a bit of money on ‘beauty’ products… not sure why?).  Alot of people would find doing this nearly every week Mundane, and i could understand why, but i am a creature of habit and I enjoy just being alone sometimes with only my thoughts for company! I need routine in my life otherwise it seems to just go tits up, my nearest and dearest know this about me and tend to find it quite funny, as do I! Being spontaneous & unstructured doesn’t mesh well with me. You didn’t really need to know any of that, but i haven’t really been up to much recently…so…..


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