Hopefully this summer Me & Ben will be spending a week in the beautiful paris. I really hope this happens, last time we went it was only for 2 days to see Arcade Fire, and I have a taste for more.. These are a few of things i would love to do:

  • Les Puces de Saint-Ouen- The Largest Flea market in Europe, or even the world now.. i think. We managed to get here last time we went (and it has been in my dreams ever since), I walked away having spent allot of money in only a couple of hours, so who knows what could happen if i had a whole day to snoop around. Words can’t describe how much I am looking forward to going back here.
  • Musée Edith Piaf- This is a Private Museum owned by a friend of Edith’s-Bernard Marchois- You have to call ahead to get a special security code to enter, but the collection of Edith Memorabillia is second to none, with allot of her own belongings & the famous little black dress she would wear on stage religiously.

  •  The Paris Catacombs- I would really love to see these. I love the dark history of paris & The specialised tours sound really good & not to expensive!

Of course i would also like to- go to the top of the eiffel tower; Maybe a boat tour of the river seine; See the Mona Lisa; Stroll around the gorgeous gardens & parks; Eat amazing French food; See Montmartre and the amazing views of Paris, and shop untill my legs give way. All a very romantic & typical girls idea of a Paris holiday.. But i am a typical girl…so…


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