Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011, How wonderful are these handbags?! I am so in love with the middle design & the Green bag on the far left. Of course the price is going to be high when you are looking at Dolce & Gabbana, and with these handbags they aren’t always going to be practical or something you could wear all season. But look at  them! Little works of art, that will always hold it’s price and will no doubt become collectors items. I am in love.

The Charlotte Olympia Pandora Plexiglass Clutch,  This is a lovely modern re-design of the classic lucite handbags of the 50s.  The Insertable pouches really add something to the handbag, making sure this could go with any outfit. Again this idea coming from the ladies of the 50s that used to add matching fabric from thier dresses, to make sure that there lucite handbag would match.

Marc By Marc Jacobs, Bianca Jane. I love this 70s Disco throwback handbag. Emerald Green, Gold detailing, Long strap & a good size for the essentials. A Handbag for nights out and channeling Bianca Jagger circa Studio 54 ( My favourite time in the 70s) Also the Price point will help with this handbag- from under £300 it’s attainable.


The Selection of Handbags from Jil Sander fall 2011 was wonderful. I Love, Love, LOVE the off grey box bag on the far Right, Yet again Designers are refrencing times gone by & this box bag pulls it off in modern sleek way. The Colour is gorgeous and the size looks just perfect for putting essentials in with still looking structured and smart. Perfect for work or simply pottering around your local town.



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