The Kerry Taylor auctions is one of the most Prestigious fashion & textile auction houses, dealing with sales such as – the sale of the Duke & Duchess of Windsors wardrobes, Audrey Hepburns Wardrobe, Princess dianas Emanuel dresses and the whole Emanuel Royal Archive, to name but a few of the legendary sales.  

I am always checking the website for the new lots, and this coming sale is very special. The new princess in waiting- Kate Middleton’s dress she wore the 1st time Prince William noticed her at the a school fashion show is going up for sale, with very very high asking prices. Also to my joy, a few items of The Duchess of Windsor – Wallis Simpson’s wardrobe is going up, including the 1st top picture, a lovely croc handbag with orginal photo of The Duchess wearing it. If i had time i would love to be going to this auction, just to watch fashion history. Anyone want to come with? The other photos are Museum worthy pieces, so so gorgeous!



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  1. Mr Stuart Hilton

    Helli Kerry Intrested in bidding for anything to do with Wallace Simpson

  2. amy

    Hello, my name isn’t kerry! if you go on to – you can email the staff at the auction house.

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