Capri, Italy

A couple of years a ago i went on holiday to Sorrento, Italy, it was lovely. Its a very old town in the south of italy quite popular with tourists (as it is close to Pompeii & Naples etc) but it really keeps it charm. Whilst we were there we went on a few day trips, one of these included Capri- pictures above, it was love at first sight. Tonnes of trees & greenery; a sea view from where ever you are on the very small island; Hardly any cars apart from the tiny old italian cars they seem to use; everything being in a walkable distance; tiny, narrow, old stone paths leading to beaches, boutique hotels & white stone villas and churches. This is somewhere i would be happy spending a whole summer, getting to know all the locals, being a part of the very small community that actually live there. Of course the shopping (not that i would be able to afford ANYTHING) is like nothing i’ve ever seen, row upon row of only designer shops apart from the odd typical holiday shop selling blow up toys & postcards. The food aswell would be amazing, it is italy. Please can i go back? maybe try and work out there? anything that gets me back there for more than a day trip.  


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