‘Charms are just the most wonderful little treasures, moving, opening, working, or static each one is absolutely charming!! A keen jewellery designer and notorious charm junkie, Annina will use her great eye and lavish stock to create the perfect necklace for each personality, fantasy or taste. For those who want an immediate fix, there are several themed necklaces to choose from;
Bond Girl to Bed Time Story… take your pick!!

A perfect way to fall in love with all your favourite things again… During her travels searching for charms she has come across some really amazing pieces and below is a list of just some of them to give you an idea of what you can have on your necklace…’

a quote from her website

On monday when me and ben took a trip up to london, we did the routine of me dragging ben around Liberty’s (2hours is a new record). On this trip i stumbled upon a new jewellery concession- Annina Vogel Charms. The collection was overwhelmingly beautiful, with gorgeous lockets & charms all  from the victorian age. I could have spent all day going through the hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful trinkets, from minature portraits of unknown children to tiny little letters in a bottle. The photos above (from her website) don’t even do the vast collection justice. all of the charms are gold and have quite a high price tag, but they are a little bit of history & everyone of the charms have been hand picked by Annina herself, so all worth it in my opinion. I would recommend reading her ‘about me’on her website, truly inspirational to any girl that spends hours in flea markets and carboot sales hunting for that perfect little something.


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