My Week with Marilyn

‘My Week with Marilyn is an upcoming British drama film directed by Simon Curtis and written by Adrian Hodges. It stars Michelle Williams, Kenneth Branagh, Eddie Redmayne, Dominic Cooper and Emma Watson. Based on two books by Colin Clark, it depicts the making of the 1957 film The Prince and the Showgirl which starred Marilyn Monroe and Laurence Olivier. The film focuses on the week in which Monroe spent time being escorted around Britain by Clark, after her husband, Arthur Miller, left the country.’ (

I am so very excited about this film, allot of die hard Marilyn fans didn’t like the 1st photos of Michelle Williams playing her, i think she is going to be wonderful. Williams is aย fantastic actress, and i think she will be able to live up to the pressure of playing an icon. This film is surpost to be released next january 2011. Hurry up!


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