I really think it may be the start of summer, i know by saying this that tomorrow will be pissing down with rain. But if it is the start of summer i am so excited- Beach, Bbqs, Fantastic friends, Holidays, Birthdays & Slush puppies.
 So The above photos are-
  • Last night, Slap bang in the middle of desperate housewifes, a power cut. Sat in pitch black  for a good 20 mins, then remembering we had candels,  Thank god my little sister was there otherwise i would have proberly cried.
  •  & Soo this is what i wore today.. lots and lots of gold and little socks. I also feel a bit sorry for my bag, ive been trying to cram so much into it, i might give it a break, its one of my favourites & the most used so i would be devestated if it broke.
Also today i went to my sisters exhibition at bhasvic college, i embarresed her by making her stand infront of her work & taking photos.
I am now going to go make myself a cuppa tea, eat some pringles, drink some ‘this is water- apple & rasberry’ & watch the new studio ghibli film – ‘Ponyo’.

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