Lazy day…

I dont have college! So im going to lie in bed all day, apart from to get supplies from the kitchen, i wish i had a kettle up here, that would make life easier. i am going to watch this morning, then dead man walking, then frasier untill i decide to get up and see people. Hopefully i will be going to see shutter island tonight aswell, ive only really heard good things. && tomorrow, me and my little sister will be going to london- shopping, then meeting mum and going to the o2 to see channel 4 stand up night & between thoose 2 things getting good steak! A good 2 days off i would say!

Also how the hell can this be the start of summer, its so grey. sun sun sun sun sun sun sun please please hurry up i dont want to wear tights and coats anymore.


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