Hello! My gosh do i feel like death has warmed up today, went to college, slept, cried, came home, slept, tea…. and proberly some more sleep in a mo. Anyway, My weekend was lovely, it was ben bears birthday on saturday, his day didnt start off to well but got allot better later on, we went to nandos and then on to bowling and stan, alice and twig came down wich made his day! aw. me and funbelina had way way to much slush puppy, serious sugar come down. And then on sunday i had a day off! sleeping in, breakfast, town, pottering, starbucks, home, film, sleep!

The two pictures above are 2 of my favourite recent purchases.

No1. How good is this poster!! now i just have to spend a fortune on a frame, as the poster is massive!

No2. My all time favourite bag ever, i have wanted a wicker shell bag for a very long time and this was the best i had seen! lucite frame/clasp and handle. it is in perfect condition, all shells are in tact and there is not a scratch any where to be seen! its 1960s and i love it like a mother loves a child. The chain is not original and can be removed easily, but i quite like it! thank god for etsy.


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