Hello, i hope everyone had a good weekend.. mine was good.

 friday– work, then friday night at manuels!

 saturday– work, then nandos, and popping to the pub to see julian and kate (bens sister and boyfriend) as it was julians birthday, then home , and match of the day….. and it wasnt that bad.. the chealsea game was just funny! & then mermaids was on!

Sunday– Frock me! vintage fair…. i was a frock me virgin… my face must have been a picture when i walked into the corn exchange…. lets just say a fair bit of my savings is gone now.. but im looking on the bright side.. i could not have any savings after going there! The above pictures are the lovely things i got-   My bear brooch… he is massive and great! A lovely summer beaded bag, A new fur coat, its rabbit and so warm and i love it! And also this gorgeous pillar box hat, its is made by a local lady (ive forgotten her name) lily something? but they are all hand made and it came in a lovely little hat box! ohhhhh my. i have a problem. a big problem. And then i had work, and at the moment i really have a massive problem with stuck up middle aged women, what is there problem?



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