Movie day.


The september issue

I was really really looking forward to this film/documentry, i was not dissapointed. i just find anything to do with the fashion business fasinating & i really could have just watched this all day if it had been that long. Anna wintour was obviously not the star of the show ( Grace Coddington was just so so so fantastic) But i think it didn’t just show her as this ‘crazy bitch’ that everyone seems to think that she is, she is a hardworking mother and why should she be all happy and smiles, she is there to do a job, and she does it very well! i think she also looks lovely without thoose glasses on, and oh the furs she was wearing. One thing i wasnt to happy about was the lack of Andre leon talley, i would have loved to have seen more of him, but the bits he was in…oh my. ( The tennis scene is great). The star of the show was Grace, so gentle but so so strong and determined and loves her work so so much, i loved her standing up to anna.

All in all one to watch if vogue is indeed somesort of life force to you!


The wrestler

I have surprised myself with how long it took for me to see this film. And i really did love it, mickeys charecter is just so lovingly wrote that anyone would feel sorry for this man. The story is nicely put together and its such a believable story, that it makes it all more harder to watch, as this charecter you fall in love with just cant seem to get it together. One thing i didnt really enjoy so much in this film was E van rachel wood, She didn’t really give her charecter much, and in the climatic scene with mickey i really didnt feel anything for her. Mickey on the other hand has given the charecter so so much, AndΒ  did diserve that oscar. I enjoyed this film very much and will be watching it again in the near future if i ever feel the need to shed a little tear… !


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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the Wrestler, it was a deep emotional film for sure! yay for movies!

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