• the First two photos are of some sneaky little criters i got for my room! they are so sweet, and the owl one comes in handy as a money box for all my saving for new york!
  • this was me today, not feeling to brilliant. (also holding new ackery bag, wasn’t in the best condition when i bought it but i gave it a good scrub, and its nearly as good as new! i love the handle so much!)
  • And the last photo is of one of the luella magazines and me reading it in bed, got the new one today!

At the moment i have been getting loads and loads of headaches, i really do think i need new glasses or theheadaches from too much stuff going on/concentrating…… next week is going to be so busy! monday-college, tuesday-worthing/groom dog, wednesday- groom dog (puppy) friday- work etc etc etc……….. im so looking forward to having something to do every day, i am going to be one tired bunny!


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