• i bought this new magazine the other day called ‘little white lies’ it has really awesome art work in and great movie reviews.
  • 2 new dresses from traid (everything for £4) the plaid one is a little big so im going to have to try and teach myself to sew.
  • gorgeous soft leather gloves from the sunday market.
  • The best find in a while, the graceland pop up book, i have been looking for this for so long since i saw it in borders once, its normaly around £40-£60 but i got it for £6 from the sunday market. i was such a happy bunny!
  • Im reading the new cave book at the moment, im nearly half way through and im enjoying it very much, some bits are very weird/surreal, but thats what you expect. Its also really awesome because its set in brighton, so i know exactly where the charecters are and can picture it all!
  • And this is me, and my outfit for the day! the dress is the one pictured above and the coat is my new love, i got it from the sunday market for £15 and it has beautiful silk lining it has a few buttons missing, but nothing c & h fabris won’t do!

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