Film day. 

500-days-of-summer500-days-of-summer1saw 500 days of summer today, it was what i expected, cliche, easy going, slightly predictable. But sometimes it is nice to sit back and enjoy an easy going film and enjoy the little things like the outfits zooey has to wear and both the charecters apartments (oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh). it wasn’t exactly ground breaking but it wasnt stupid, dull and horrible to watch. It was a sweet(ish) story and some of the cinematography was lovely. I didnt really like zooey dechanels charecter , typical quirky, messed up heroin that will change the lead guys life for better or for worse, But this charecter was mean aswell! As i said, easy going, easy to watch. not to shabby. 


I also watched  the time travelers wife, i am so dissapointed. they missed out so much! kimmy isn’t even in it!?  its just really bizzare that they missed out so many charecters and bits of the book that are fairly important to the story. Fair enough that they have to cut some of the story out due to film times etc. But seriously so many important bits were just left out for not much of a reason it seems. So i guess due to crucial bits in the book being dropped for the film it seemed to rush the story and you didnt really get involved in henry and claires relationship. you only saw henry time travel to a young claire three times!? i am just so underwhelmed by the film remake it made me sad. so much potential to be a good film laid to waste. 



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