• try to do washing before it turns into a mountain
  • have more play fights with ben
  • be amelies bit on the side when ed is away 
  • start saving money
  • look for a winter coat 
  • get rid of some of my shoes 
  • go record shopping
  • make sure every week i have a day to myself 
  • and the rest spend with people i love or working 
  • sort out college stuff 
  • dont be nervous about college 
  • get some new bed covers 
  • film for my camera! 
  • fine more recepies for my book. 
  • learn to ride a scooter 
  • get a hobby that isn’t starting my collection of bags 
  • get people to check out my sisters photography –   http://www.flickr.com/photos/13591393@N00/
3851690035_b4d8b1683b                                                            photo by my sister. 

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  1. Have a day to myself once a week. Wow. That’s a luxury I don’t have time with. Once a week?! Once a month if I’m lucky…

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