La Vie En Rose


2007_la_vie_en_rose_001La vie teacherla_vie_en_rose_movie_image_gerard_depardieu_and_marion_cotillardmome1vie-en-rose.previewive posted about la vie en rose before, but i just got back from watching it at amelies for the forth time, and i just dont get bored of this film. it is beautifuly shot, and has just the perfect amount of pure pain/ heart break and over whelming sense of despair for you to want to keep watching. edith piaf had the most wonderfully horrendous life to make her the most unbelivable charecter that she became. strong, confident, and totally floored.  marion colltriard did one of the best performances i had seen on film, and completly did edith piaf justice. Not much about this film is happy, but the parts that are will be the parts that take your breath away and make you understand how edith piaf became the legend that she is. if you havnt watched this film you are an idiot, 



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  1. Oh I still haven’t seen this, but judging by the trailers and the stills I will simply have to!

  2. Polly

    I’m french, I really think that’s cool that people from other country like this movie ’cause it’s beautiful …

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