i have just had the nicest weekend! friday i did wake up with some sort of rank cold, snot all over my face etc. but then got to see edwardo and amelie and ate my body weight in teeth and gums…..oh bby! then on saturday still with a yucky cold, work! but then home for x factor and pizza! then me and ben watched the virgin suicides and i tried to make ben watch when harry met sally to show him katz diner but he fell asleep.
And today, we had a whole day together, and its our 3 years tomorrow…. so ben surprised me by telling me that we were going to richmond park for a picnic and he took me to the kemp town flea market to pick out a ring ( i choose an amethist and diamond ring with 9karat gold, And it was so cheap!) but i love love love love it! and ben loved his prezzies too (gresham and blake gold stag cufflings and an awesome stag head!). Such a nice day, good picnic, and the weather was amazing. i am just such a happy/lucky bunny. And tomorrow we are going to our favourite ortellos for steak! yes yes and yes.



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2 responses to “Weekend

  1. Wow! Congrats! And the ring sounds gorgeous!

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