1. new dress from dirty harrys, it was £16, i didn’t try it on in the shop and was abit worried about it fitting but it fits like a dream! 
  2. speaks for itself, went into a new retro furniture shop on kensington gardens and wallah! i had to have it…. what a baaabbeee, in the shop the guy also had an amazing amazing amazing juke box, i dare not ask how much it is.
  3. my new 80s  sun glasses(ish) they change with the light, so i can wear them inside and out. i really like pink at the moment, not to sure why, meh.
  4. and finally a lovely new little black dress, also fits like a dream wich i was surprised about as its from primark, and they are shit for sizeing, it was £13 bit pricey for primark, but i havn’t bought anything from there in months and months so i felt i should…

it was a lovely day with ed, he bought and awesome carhartt baseball jacket. tomorrow i get my ben ben back and we go to colchester for the architects video shoot with amelie and funbelina, also get to see ed play with your demise for the first time.


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  1. that first dress is soo cute. really looks great on you.

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