edith piaf


everyone should watch la vie en rose at least once in their life……..there is a reason that marion cotillard won the oscar for best actress.



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4 responses to “edith piaf

  1. Krysta

    I just randomly came across your page through a google picture search. Just wanted to say I loved this movie so much. Edith Piaf by far is one of the greatest singers that expresses herself with such magnificent passion. Great music/ movie choice. * thumbs up*

    PS: I just adore the 2nd picture of her.

  2. Layne

    I watched the movie and it was fantastic. I had to watch it again. Something about the movie and story just haunts me and I can’t stop thinking abount it. Marion Colliard is magnificent in her role!

  3. May be the greatest piece of writing yet!

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